Application Process

Timetable for calendar year 2017 Grants

The Ong Family Foundation current and ongoing commitment has reduced the available pool of funds for new grants in 2017. Selection will be very competitive for 2017.

The Ong Family Foundation will accept Letter of Inquiry from February 1, thru August 30, 2017.
Please follow the directions for Letter of Inquiry detailed below.
Electronic Submission is acceptable and prefer.

Letter of Inquiry:

Organizations wishing to receive a solicitation for a grant proposal from the Foundation should first submit a letter of inquiry, preferably one page but no more than two pages in length, to the Foundation. A letter of inquiry is “submitted” only when it has been received by the person identified in the Contact Information section. The letter of inquiry should be signed by the organization’s Executive Director or an officer of the organization holding a comparable office and should address the following:

  • Brief description of the organization, including objectives
  • Statement of the organization’s needs and the amount requested from the Foundation
  • Proposed use of proceeds of any grant or gift received from the Foundation
  • Proposed mode of acknowledgement or recognition of any grant or gift made by the Foundation

A copy of the organization’s most recent audited financial statements, list of major funders and donors, evidence of the organization’s Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status and a list of the members of the organization’s Board of Directors and management should also accompany the letter of inquiry.

Incomplete letters of inquiry will not be accepted.

Grant Proposal

Upon a positive response to a letter of inquiry following review by the Ong Family Foundation Contribution Committee, the Foundation will contact the organization to solicit a formal grant proposal. Organizations should follow the format of the “New York/New Jersey Area Common Application Form’ prepared by the New York Regional Association of grant-makers (downloadable here). A grant proposal is “submitted” only when it has been received by the Foundation and the person identified in the Contact Information section. Grant proposals and related attachments should only be submitted by mail, email or courier. Incomplete grant proposals will not be accepted.